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Mental Health

OTCP image 45Targeted support – where it’s needed most

At OTCP we realise that mental illness affects more than just the individual and that’s why we provide a range of programs to support families and carers as well. OTCP offers respite to carers, support to children of parents living with a mental illness and community-based support groups for carers.



AJ1I2369Our commitment is to provide quality mental health services which support people on their journey to recovery — knowing that each journey is as unique as the individual. OTCP’s mental health programs ensure individuals experience optimum quality of life by providing:

  • opportunities for exercising choice and decision making
  • access to lifestyle and experiences commensurate with other people in the community
  • access to appropriate skills, training or support in improving or maintaining communication skills
  • access to appropriate support services in their local communities
  • support to develop and maintain money and budgeting skills
  • assistance to plan and access recreational, educational and vocational programs


AJ1I2049Who can take advantage of the mental health services offered through OTCP?

If you believe you could benefit from inclusion in any of our Mental Health programs contact us or the Community Mental Health Service in your area to discuss eligibility and our referral process.

HASI referrals can be made by Social Housing Providers or Mental Health Clinicians, such as GPs, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists or Community Mental Health Case Managers. Aboriginal HASI referrals can be made by anyone, but need the support of a Mental Health Clinician or your GP.