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AJ1I2949Targeted support – where it’s needed most

OTCP’s Disability Service operates according to the NSW Disability Services Act 2006 and related service standards. We provide innovative and appropriate 24-hour care and support solutions for people to live in the community.

Our programs are aimed at ensuring clients have:

  • choice and decision making
  • access to lifestyle and experiences commensurate with other people in the wider community
  • a safe and secure environment in which to live
  • access to appropriate skills, training or support
  • access to services in their local communities
  • access to general and specialist medical care, support services including day programs
  • assistance to plan and access recreation, educational and vocational programs

AJ1I2980What does the OTCP Disability Service offer?

Our aim is to provide quality support services to people with a range of intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities. OTCP provides a range of supported accommodation models, within community settings, to meet the needs of each person.  The needs and functional capacities of individual clients determine the level of support provided.  The support needs of individuals accessing our service may increase (through deteriorating function) or decrease (through increasing skills base) over time. The service therefore needs to be flexible and responsive to these changing needs.

AJ1I1087_rWho can take advantage of our Disability Service?

The OTCP Disability Service provides support to a range of people with disabilities including:

  • those with an intellectual or physical disability who cannot remain at home due to changing support needs or care arrangements
  • those seeking to live independently in the community with support
  • people who have chosen to leave supported accommodation provided by another service or department