Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative

The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) is a three-way partnership program funded by the New South Wales Government that ensures stable housing is linked to specialist support for people with mental illness. Housing NSW provides housing, the non-government sector provides psychosocial support and  NSW Health provides the clinical support.

The key philosophy that underpins the HASI program is one of recovery. Recovery is a personal and ongoing process, defined and led by the individual. Low HASI packages provide low- support across the community, while Aboriginal HASI packages provide low- to high-support for Aboriginal people in the Lismore area.

Support for an individual may include the areas of:

  • sustaining their tenancy
  • identifying, establishing and achieving personal goals
  • developing, re-learning and enhancing skills to undertake activities for daily living
  • budgeting
  • medication management
  • accessing community services for recreational, social and pre-vocational activities
  • attending medical appointments

Recovery-focused support workers provide support to these consumers tailoring services to meet the individual needs of each person utilising individual support plans.

On Track provides a range of support packages across the Tweed and Lismore areas.

Getting support through HASI 

Aboriginal HASI referrals can be made by anyone, but need the support of a Mental Health Clinician. Referrals can be made through your local community health centre.