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Quality & Accreditation

OTCP is committed to providing quality services which improve the quality of life for the people we support across our communities.

Quality services means providing programs and support to meet the needs of each person that are consistent and aligned with agreed national and state service standards. We deliver support programs and services across the community housing, disability, employment, homelessness and mental health sectors.

Delivering quality services requires that we:

  • provide regular opportunities for clients, consumers, carers and stakeholders to provide feedback about how we provide support; how we plan for the future and how we can better respond to the needs of individuals and our communities;
  • clearly document how we deliver programs and services
  • clearly document the processes we have in place for intake, review of service delivery and respond to complaints;
  • support people in the community in a way which aligns with national best practice;
  • provide continuous training to frontline staff to ensure models for service delivery, community expectations and changing needs of the people we support are well understood and embedded in everyday practice.

Our commitment to providing quality services requires us to:

  • continuously review the way we support an individual to ensure their goals, hopes and aspirations support them to acquire new skills and relationships which enhance their quality of life
  • ensure accountability and transparency when planning and providing support for each individual
  • provide continuous learning and skill development opportunities for the people we support and those who provide support – our peer support workers, staff, volunteers and student placements
  • value the needs, aspirations and diversity of the people we support
  • collaborate with a range of clinical and allied health professionals to achieve the best practice in sustainable health outcomes for each individual
  • ensure the development and delivery of programs and decision-making are evidence based, tested and provide the most appropriate outcome for all our family stakeholders.

What are the benefits of quality improvement?

Displaying and maintaining quality improvement framework has a range of benefits for clients, carers, staff, board directors and stakeholders.  Most importantly, our commitment to quality ensures the people we support:

  • receive support which meets their needs and the expectations of the community
  • have greater confidence that the organisation operates effectively
  • have more opportunities to be involved in decisions which affect the services they receive
  • have confidence that the support they receive is regularly reviewed and areas for improvement are identified.


OTCP has been accredited by BSI Australia against the National Disability Service Standards, including for its employment services since 2006. External auditors undertake annual audits across our sites to ensure our support meets sector standards. Clients, carers and staff are strongly encouraged to participate in the process.

In 2013  On Track continued accreditation through Quality Management Services (QMS) for a number of our mental health programs against the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) Health & Community Services Standards.

QIC ensures the mental health services we provide are assessed against the NSW standards.